Tree Removal

Whether you have a tree blocking the view from your home or growing too close to your home, our experts will remove it safely and efficiently. Contact us today for tree removal in Evergreen, CO, and surrounding areas. 

Stump Removal

That old stump can be home to a variety of diseases and pests. Here at ArborRx Tree Care, we have years of experience so we know how to make this process as simple as possible. Call now for stump removal in Evergreen, Denver, and other nearby areas. 

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming can not only improve the aesthetic of your home but also improve the health of your trees. Our experts can safely remove any diseased or damaged branches to ensure your trees look as healthy as possible. Call now for tree trimming in Denver, CO, and surrounding areas. 

Fire Mitigation

Here at ArborRx, your safety is our main priority. In order to reduce the likelihood of a wildfire, our team will remove all dead plants, leaves, and other shrubbage that may be flammable. Call now to learn more or to schedule your fire mitigation services in Aurora, Denver, and nearby areas.  

Pest Mitigation

Dead trees, stumps, and shrubs can welcome a wide range of pests. At ArborRx Family Tree Care, we have all of the necessary equipment to ensure that pests don't make your home their own. Call us now for pest mitigation in Denver, CO, and surrounding areas. 

Firewood Sales

We have an extensive inventory of firewood for sale. Give us a call today to learn more! We provide firewood sales in Denver, Evergreen, Aurora, and other surrounding areas. 

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